It is easy for residents to access facilities in the economic, financial and trade centers of HCMC.  These are significant elements that create a strong impression of the project.

Dai Phuc Green Villas is thoughtfully planned through luxurious architecture, inner facility development and 100% completed infrastructure, which all ensure that this project will deliver highly livable spaces to you and your loved ones.


Dai Phuc Green Villas has a superlatively prominent site on Pham Hung Street and neighboring Trung Son Residence and Phu My Hung.

Dai Phuc Green Villas is 5 km from District 1. It therefore takes approximately 10 minutes to travel to the downtown of the city. Additionally, Dai Phuc Green Villas also neighbors 6B-Intresco residence, T30 Residence and Dong Dieu Residence.


Dai Phuc Green Villas provides access to a convenient transportation system; thus it is very easy to travel to facilities in thee conomic, financial and trading centers of HCMC.

Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary schools

Trading Centers

Health Care Centers

Tree  park

Sports Center

Architectural plan

Residential Land: 151,067.91 m², Including:

Land for Condominiums: 32,301.00 m²

Land for Villas: 59,988.97 m²

Land for Terraced Houses: 58,777.94 m²

Land for Tree Park, Transportation and Public Works: 131,899.49 m²


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